Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service

The Great Reviews Are So Much Appreciated! We are offering a FREE Angie's List Membership!

We have been receiving more and more great reviews from happy customers. There is no doubt that homeowners are doing their homework and researching companies before spending their hard earned money on a new HVAC system.

Angie's List has granted us the opportunity to allow our customers, who has had work completed by us, to leave us an online Angie's List review. They will then be given a free one year membership just for saying "Thank You!"

Today it seems that almost all new customers have chosen us due to the numerous 5 start reviews we are fortunate enough to have received.

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Collins Cooling & Heating Co


11124 Lorain Ave

Cleveland, Ohio 44111

Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service

Serving All Of Northeast Ohio

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(216) 453-1050  (Cleveland Central Location)

(440) 836-3487 (Lake County,Geauga Countiy & Eastern Suburbs)

(440) 836-3487  (Lorain County & Western Suburbs)



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