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Our Exclusive 12 Month Return Policy

Finding your family caught in an emergency situation of a total heating or air conditioning system failure and having no other option than requireing a new system to be installed can be very stressful. Or if you are the proactive type person and are looking to prevent your heating or air conditioning system from failing by replacing it before it does and then benifit from the savings of utility costs, you can be in a tough spot. Today we see on the news over and over of unsatisfied homeowners being ripped off by unprofessional HVAC companies. A new heating or air conditioning system can be very expensive and most of the time it's unexpected. Unfortunately the only way the homeowner knows if they were shortchanged by a poor installation is after the contractor it is done and he is long gone.


A New Way of Doing Business

I've always thought that why not give our customers the same sense of security I get when I purchase something at Walmart. If I'm not happy, then I want to return it. For this reason, we give our customers who purchase a new heating or air conditioning system a 12 Month  Money Back Return Policy.



That's right, we will install your new system and you can use it for a full year. Then if you are not fully satisfied with your new system and the service we provide, we will remove it and return your full investment.


This type of homeowner risk free service is very difficult if not impossible to find anywhere. Our family owned company believes that purchasing of a new heating or air conditioning system should be no more risky than buying a flashlight at Walmart. This is how we feel every HVAC service company should operate.


Trusting Collins Cooling & Heating Co for your heating or air conditioning system replacement is the smartest decision you can make for your family's HVAC needs.

Unbelievable 12 Month Return Policy!

Same Day System Replacement!

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Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service

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