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Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service
Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service

Furnace Repair Cost

Dont Be Alarmed!

As you can see average cost charged by most HVAC companies are pretty high on most average repairs. I can honestly say that our average numbers are much lower and we are able to always save our customers from the normal rates charged by other companys.

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Data is based on actual costs reported by HomeAdvisor members.

On average, furnace repair costs $470 nationally, with most homeowners spending between $378 and $562. This data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.

Waking up on a frigid winter morning to a furnace that is on the fritz, is terrible. You may be worried about the potential cost of repairing it. Here are a few factors that will affect the cost of your furnace repair

What Was The Cause?

Although most furnaces and forced air heating systems are reliable and perform for many years without major issues, system break downs can and do happen. Many problems that occur in furnaces or forced air heating systems result from lack of maintenance issues, while other causes are mechanical or electrical components failures.

If your furnace malfunction is caused by improper maintenance, you may be able to fix the system by simply cleaning it out. If this is the case found, your repair will be relatively inexpensive.

If your problem is diagnosed as an electrical problem. The issue could be associated with something other than the furnace. Make sure to check all your fuses and breakers for an electrical problem elsewhere in the home. If this is the case, you may also get through your repair inexpensive.

However, if your malfunctioning furnace is due to the breakdown of components that need to be replaced the costs and labor may be a lot higher.

Cleaning Your System

Dirt is the biggest enemy of your furnace. It will waste fuel and can lower efficiency. In many cases, it can even cause the furnace to overheat and shut down . Dirt can affect all of the components of your furnace, so cleaning is a very important part of regular maintenance. There are three parts of the furnace that should be cleaned and they are the filter system, the motor and the blower. If your furnace issue has diagnosed as a cleaning problem, a professionally cleaning will be needed to get it working again and then schedule regular annual maintenance. This is the best way to prevent a costly furnace repair in the future!

When it's Time to Replace

The average furnace lasts 10-15 years, as per most manufactures, so if your furnace is in that age range, it may be a financially better decision to consider furnace replacement than to begin a cycle of fixing continuing problems as they arise with age.

Occasionally, the problem with your furnace may be complex, such as a main control circut board, bent blower wheel or a failed blower motor. In this case, a more involved repair is required. If your furnace requires an extensive repair or if the repair approaches the cost of installing a new system, it may be a wiser decision to go ahead and replace your forced air heating system.

Will a New Furnace Lower My Bills?

Today's high-efficiency furnaces not only heat your home better, but also they can save you on your energy bills. Many homeowners experience up to a 30% decrease in energy bills with a new efficient furnace or heating system. If you do end up deciding to replace your furnace it will likely be much more efficient than your old furnace ever was and your utility bills should be lower!

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