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Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service
Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service

Furnace Installation

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Rheem-Heating & Air Conditioning

Furnace Installation


What you should know about a furnace installation in Northeast Ohio

Having your family being caught in an emergency situation of a total furnace failure and having no other option than needing a new furnace installation can be very stressful. Today we see on the news over and over of unsatisified homeowners being ripped off by unprofessional HVAC companies. A new furnace installation can be very expensive and most of the time it's unexpected. Unfortunatly the only way the homeowner knows if they were shortchanged by a poor furnace installation is after the contractor it is done and he is long gone.


A New Way of Doing Business

I've always thought that why not give our customers the same sence of security that I get when I buy something at Walmart. If I'm not happy, then I want to return it. For this reason, we give our customers, that purchase a new furnace installation, a 12 Month  Money Back Return Policy. That's right, we will install your new system and you can use it for a full year and if you are not fully satisfied with the new furnace installation and the service we provide, we will remove it and return your full investment.

This is how every HVAC service company should operate but none do except Collins Cooling & Heating Co.



Furnace Installation Overview

People living in the tropics may not even understand the reason to have a furnace installation in their home. However, it is a very important facility in the arctic and the western regions of the west. In Cleveland, the temperature can fall as low as -8o F during January or early part of the year and such low temperature is very unfavorable to man. It makes people living in the local community very uncomfortable and to ensure comfort in homes and offices,  a quality furnace installation ought to be done.


How to Get the Best Furnace Installation

You need to ensure that you get the best furnace installation by a qualified company like ours and that it is kept in the required working order during this critical period of the year. To do this, you have to service the device and properly maintain it. At Collins Cooling & Heating Co. we provide you the best cooling and heating systems you can find in Cleveland and beyond.

We can supply you different brands of air conditioners, heaters and furnaces of all styles. The best ratings of these devices are provided to you and we offer you advices to help you in choosing the furnace installation that would serve your needed purposes.


Ongoing and Continual Support for your Device

If you are looking for ongoing and continual support from your new furnace installation , then you have come to the right place. At Collins Cooling & Heating Co. we provide you the best maintenance plan and servicing you can ever find in Ohio. We use the best techniques and tools in servicing and maintaining your device to ensure that it serves you optimally.


In case you need servicing on your device, all you have to do is to give us a call or contact us through our website and we will be there as fast as possible to render to you the best service at the cheapest prices. We are only one call away from you and would therefore respond as soon as you call on us with our services no matter where you are located in Northeast Ohio.


Why Are We the First Choice of Customers?

You may be wondering why we are the first choice of customers looking for a furnace installation and why the pledge their loyalty to us. Obviously, our services prove that we are the best and until you take advantage of them, you may not really understand the full benefits awaiting you.

  • We go beyond our normal duty and put in extra efforts to satisfy our customers. This is because we understand the value and the place of our customers in our company. We know how important they are and therefore we give them the benefit. Thus, as a customer, you are sure to receive the best furnace installation service from Collins Cooling & Heating Co.

  • We give our customer high confidence by being there anytime they call on us. Customers want friends and companions with respect to the services they offer and we become the friend and companion to them. We offer advices that would help you to make the most of your devices.

  • By leveraging our maintenance and servicing, you will be able to elongate the lifetime of your new furnace installation . Your new furnace installation will serve you better and it will be much more efficient. We use the best tools for servicing and maintaining your device to achieve this.

  • We are located in several areas in Northeas Ohio and therefore we understand what you need and provide them.


Call us today for the services you need or for price estimation. We assure you of the best service no matter what your needs are. You can as well visit our website at for more information as regards to these services.

Unbelievable 12 Month Return Policy!

Same Day System Replacement!

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