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Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service
Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service

A/C Installation

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Air Conditioning Installation

What you should know about a Air Conditioning Installation in Northeast Ohio

Having your family being caught in an emergency situation of a total air conditioning system failure and have no other option than needing a new air conditioning installation can be very stressful. Today we see on the news over and over of unsatisified homeowners being ripped off by unprofessional HVAC companies. A new air conditioning installation can be very expensive and most of the time it's unexpected. Unfortunatly the only way the homeowner knows if they were shortchanged by a poor air conditioning installation is after the contractor it is done and he is long gone.


A New Way of Doing Business

I've always thought that why not give our customers the same sence of security that I get when I buy something at Walmart. If I'm  not happy, then I want to return it. For this reason, we give our customers, who purchase a new air conditioning installation , a 12 Month Money Back Return Policy. That's right, we will install your new system and you can use it for a full year and if you are not fully satisfied with the new air conditioning installation and the service we provide, we will remove it and return your full investment. This is how every HVAC service company should operate but none do except Collins Cooling & Heating Co. Call Us today for a free estimate on a new Air Conditioning Installation


Air Conditioning Installation Overview

There has been much advance in air conditioning technology in the last decade. With the surge in compressor technology, state of the art HVACs have been produced by different companies which can be used in the home, offices, business centers and so forth. Technology strives to make life easy for man in order to ensure all round comfort in every sphere of life. This is why it continually seeks to make air conditioning and heating better so as to ensure that the air we breathe is made purer and more breathable.


Air Conditioning Installation Services in Northeast Ohio

Just like any other city or state of the United States of America, air conditioning and heating is required in Cleveland. Most times, the weather gets harsh, either extremely cold or hot, and we require appropriate dehumidifier or humidifier as the case may be. You need to go for the best air conditioners and heaters and have it professionaly installed and serviced and maintained by specialists so as to ensure the best result.

If you want the best air conditioner installation and servicing, then the number one name that should come to your mind is Collins Cooling & Heating Co. Here we provide you the best service you can ever find in Cleveland as well as in surrounding cities of Ohio. All you have to do is to give us a call and be rest assured that the services you need for the efficient functionality of your device will be provided for you.


Locally Owned and Operated

We are locally owned and operated air conditioning and heating firm and therefore understand the needs of the people in Northeast Ohio. We strive to meet your need through our professional services. In Collins Cooling & Heating Co. we service every make and model of air conditioners and heaters and ensure that they function appropriately. We also provide top notch Air Conditioning Installation services for your home no matter the make and model. All you have to do is to call us and we will provide you your specific needs.


Matching Customers Need on Time and On budget

We understand what our customers need. We have been in business since 1994 and have a track record of offering top notch and exquisite services. We take care of your requirements and ensure that they are met. We have always maintained the philosophy that customers are always right and therefore we do everything it takes to satisfy you. You can go through our guest book for information on the services we offer and call us for whatever Air Conditioning Installation or repair service you need.

Our goal is simple and that is to offer you the best quality services at the most affordable prices. We also offer you prompt services and are always one call away from you. You can also visit our website so as to access the services we provide and leverage them.


The Best Tools and Techniques

We use the best tools and state of the art techniques in working with your air conditioners and heaters. This is why we are always sure that your Air Conditioning Installation project will be in good  hands with us. Our technicians have oodles of experiences when it comes to working on your devices. They know how the various components of your air conditioners function and therefore render their services professionally so as to ensure that you are satisfied.


We aim at serving you and ensuring that you go on enjoying your device. This is why you need to call us now via (216) 453-1050 for price estimation with regards to any service we offer so as to ensure the best result.

Unbelievable 12 Month Return Policy!

Same Day System Replacement!

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