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Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service
Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service

Furnace Repair

Heating / Furnace Repair


Types of heating systems

There are many different types of heat source in today’s homes and businesses.  The different ways to make heat available today are Hydronic (hot water baseboard), radiant heat, steam radiant, forced air furnace and geothermal.  You can have a heat pump or an oil furnace or even a wood stove to make you warm.  The choice you make can impact a lot of things like the quality of air, energy bills and savings and efficiency of the unit.  The many brands can include Rheem, Trane, Coleman, Carrier and Concord.  There are tons of brands and models available.  Our company is trained and experienced in all of them.  We can repair, install or clean any of them in an easy, fast and convenient time for you.  Developing a company that caters to the customer for enriching their life with good clean warm air is our motto. 


Furnace Repair Problems

You can tell in the dead of winter when your furnace is not working right and freezing in the middle of December is not something that is appealing to anyone.  Having a working and functioning furnace can reduce your bill for heating more than 40% to 50%.  We do not want our customers suffering and will go above and beyond to make sure our customers are content.  First check your vents and system.  Inspection should be done prior to calling a professional just in case it is a simple fix so you are not paying money for something you don’t need.  It is pertinent that you know if your unit is a furnace with hot air or a boiler with hot water.  You also need to know the fuel type including if it is gas, oil or electric.  Last find out if the heat it provides is steam, hot water or warm air.  Check the paperwork that came with the unit.  There should be a manufacturer’s guide that will explain all these minor details inside.


Problems that cause decrease in heating

There are multiple problems that will arise.  Here are some problems that could arise:

  • When a furnace repair is needed because a furnace won’t ignite

  • Improper ductwork design

  • Ductwork needs to be cleaned – This process should be repeated at least every 5 years to prevent an unnecessary furnace repair

  • Thermostat is not working properly with the system requiring a furnace repair

  • Pilot light went out – When using a gas burning source.  These need to be relit and kept lit while using the gas furnace.

  • Mold or residue appeared on vents – Call immediately.  This can cause health problems especially older people, children and anyone with allergies or a breathing problem.

There are many simple ways to fix these problems.  We can do it. 



Heat is a necessity that dates back to prehistoric years.  All of our ancestors strived on being warm.  The main benefit to being warm is your health.  You can gain sickness from a cold to pneumonia just for being cold.  Heat is dispensed in all government properties and all companies in the country.  We make every effort to make you happy and enjoy the winter.  It is better to sit in a big comfy chair with a cup of coffee or tea in the heat than not.  Check your unit and service it regularly.  This can prevent an unnecessary furnace repair and make a world of difference in the end.  A heating system is one of the most expensive things in the house to buy or install or service.  Do not have this holiday season in this cold. 


Call us or go online at at:  One of our experienced technicians will be glad to help you. 

Furnace Repair Service

Unbelievable 12 Month Return Policy!

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