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Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service
Collins Cooling Heating and air conditioning service

Energy Evaulation

Why Bother With A Home Energy Audit?


Home owners are always searching for the correct and best ways to save on energy. The first thing you should do is get a home energy audit by a professional, this will determine how much energy your home uses and dictate what you should do to make your home more efficient. A proper audit will pinpoint where your home is wasting energy and determine how efficient your heater or air conditioner is. It will show you areas to address and will end up saving you money on energy costs.


Infrared (IR) Thermal Imaging

This process during a Home Energy Audit will provide info about areas that are unknown about and not easily accessed. It will expose all the areas where the cold winter air is infiltrating and your heat is escaping. During the hot summer days, the hot sun can overwork your air conditioning system and increase your electrical utility costs. An IR audit is an accurate method and will allow you to evaluate what solutions you should pursue for your home. This unique camera can detect very small but important differences in temperature from different areas of the home. This will show up on the display as hot or cold spots that cannot be seen unless by any other means unless you have this special infrared camera.

Some of the problem areas might be:

  • Moisture sources where mold can grow

  • Improper HVAC system design

  • Poor insulation in walls and ceilings

  • Defective wiring on electrical work

  • Leaky air ducts


Why bother with an infrared inspection?

This infrared technology can see things that the eye can’t. This modern technique is much more effective than traditional techniques.


Basic Negative Pressure Test

This process measures air infiltration. Imagine having the equivalent of 3o mile per hour wind on all sides of your home and how much air leaks through your walls and windows. We can deliver the equivalent of this situation through a negative pressure test


How it works

A large fan will is positioned and sealed in your doorway. It is designed to suck the air out of the home and depressurize it. Once this happens, unknown air leaks will be located which you can fix  with simple caulking or insulation. The negative pressure test is a fantastic process of correcting energy wasting areas of your home.  Professional knowledge during a Home Energy Audit and anegative pressure test is essential when finding air infiltration and air leakage.



Many homeowners skip a Home Energy Audit even though it is very important step when upgrading to a new high efficient heating and air conditioning system. The potential savings from their new HVAC system will be enhanced by adding a Home Energy Audit and correcting the energy wasting issues found.


Call Collins Cooling & Heating Co. or visit at to schedule your Home Energy Audit today, this process is essential to make your home more efficient.


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